Deep Forest Creek

by | Jan 24, 2010

For the past week in the Tallahassee area where I live, it’s been wet, gray, often rainy and generally not good for nature photography. In times like these I either stay indoors working on the editing stage of my photography, writing about Florida’s natural history, or on occasion, go out anyway in hopes of finding something very interesting to photograph. Yesterday I decided to go out, and went to the Lake Talquin State Forest to do a bit of hiking in the Fort Braden Trails to look for a couple types of orchids…. one which has been eluding me in this particular area. I did not have all my essential photography gear with me, as I wanted to travel light and fast, so I just had my tripod and camera with wide angle zoom lens… not my usual full rig. I brought the tripod because I’ve been wanting to get a particular sunrise shot over Lake Talquin that I’ve got pictured in my mind, but yesterday there was little to no sun, particularly at first light. Bummer – but it can wait for another day. Patience is the key to nature photography.

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I did however find this beautiful little creek running through a small ravine on its way to the lake, and there was enough diffused and dappled light coming through the forest canopy to add perfect illumination on the forest floor. I decided it just had to be photographed, although I didn’t have a sense that it was going to turn out so well at the time.

While the trip was generally not as productive as I would have liked, I did find about three hundred orchids of two species that were not in bloom, and have them marked on my GPS to return at their appropriate flowering times. The best part was that I enjoyed a quiet morning hike through a gorgeous forest landscape, and got one keeper shot in the process!

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