Mushrooms, lichen, air plants, bromeliads, and the bizarre and wonderful saprophytes found and photographed throughout Florida.


Bromeliads! In Florida, one can’t help but notice the bromeliads that are around us everywhere. Locally known as air plants, they are found in denser numbers toward the south, and in the northern part of the state they are most often seen as Spanish moss.


Without the enormous and nearly invisible world of fungi, there would be no forests or plants as we know them, no animals living, feeding and hunting in the forests and nothing to break down what organic matter is left. It’s this wonderful (and often weird) group that keeps nutrients moving and cycling through our state’s ecosystems.


A saprophyte is an organism which gets its energy from dead and decaying organic matter. Many plants around the world have traded the ability to use sunlight to make their own energy to survive in places where most plants cannot survive. That is why these plants tend to lack any chlorophyll, which causes saprophytes to have their own very unique non-green appearance.


This section is everything else in the plant kingdom not covered by any of the already existing galleries, and will soon be updated by taxonomy. In the meantime, consider this a “miscellaneous plant” gallery.


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