Florida is world-renowned for its beautiful landscapes. With over 1350 miles of coastline from the Atlantic Ocean to the Florida Keys to the northern Gulf of Mexico, there are an incredible number of unique and beautiful habitats, especially in the Florida Everglades. We also have thousands of islands, lakes and rivers (many of those are spring-fed) and of course our unique forest habitats from Central and Northern Florida down to our oak and scrub pinelands. The following galleries have a little bit of everything that the best of Sunshine State landscapes have to offer.

Beaches and Coasts

Florida is famous around the world for having some of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the world with most incredible and vividly colorful sunrises and sunsets. With over 1350 miles of coastline, this gallery will feature the best of Florida’s picture-perfect beaches and even some rare rocky coasts from Florida’s Panhandle and entire West Coast along the Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys and the East Coast from Miami all the way up past Jacksonville!

Lakes and Rivers

For all of its 65,758 square miles, Florida has an astonishing 7,500 lakes, ponds and reservoirs, and approximately 12,000 miles of fishable rivers, streams and canals. Many of these are spring-fed year-round with crystal clear cool water. We even have at least one natural waterfall!


Did you know that forests cover about half of Florida’s land area? Statewide, there are more than 17 million acres of forests; the vast majority of those timberlands are working forests. Florida’s forests are environmentally essential, as they provide habitat and food for our abundant wildlife, and act as natural air and water filters.

Inland Prairies

This section of inland landscapes are the prairies that are found in Florida: wet prairies and dry prairies, and are typically treeless and open grasslands. Some of them become seasonally flooded during the rainy months, while the other tends to remain dry with well drained sandy soil.


The Everglades is an enormous wetland on the southern tip of Florida. Often compared to a grassy, slow-moving river, the Everglades is made up of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes, cypress domes and pine flatwoods that are home to hundreds of animal species. It is considered my many to be the crown jewel of Florida!


Images that are from every landscape type in the galleries above that are specifically photographed as long panoramic images. This style involves taking many overlapping photographs and digitally stitching them together into very large final images with horizontally elongated fields of view.

Black and White

These images are photographs that may appear in the other landscape galleries, but I have selected and modified specifically as black and white images.


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