Wildflowers by Color

By far our largest collection of galleries, these image sets are arranged by both color and by taxonomic family for use as a casual identification tool or field guide, or for more thorough scientific research for deeper understanding.

Blue & Purple Wildflowers

Passionflowers, lupines, wild irises, lobelias, violets and morning glories… can you imagine a world without blue or purple wildflowers?

Pink Wildflowers

Florida has a wealth of native pink wildflowers, which carry different symbolic meanings around the world: grace and elegance, sweetness and romance, gentleness and admiration, and even sympathy or a simple thanks.

Red & Orange Wildflowers

It must be something in our genes, but most people are instinctively drawn toward the fiery red and blazing orange wildflowers the most. In Florida, this would include our native hibiscus, many types of wild lilies, Indian blanketflowers, milkweed, columbine, trilliums and many more!

White Wildflowers

When it comes to wildflowers, the wide-ranging color spectrum covers nearly every hue imaginable except pure black. That said, most wildflower families have at least one species that has white blossoms.

Yellow Wildflowers

You can’t have summertime without the color yellow. In Florida, yellow is everywhere across the state in the form of sunflowers, dandelions, daisies, black-eyed susans and our beautiful native azaleas!

Green & Brown Wildflowers

Not all flowers stand out in bright contrast in the wild. Some of them blend in perfectly with their environment, evolved specifically for pollinators who don’t follow the conventional rules…


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