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Your Attention Please! Important Update!

Posted by Rich Leighton On October - 7 - 2011

After some long and careful thought, I’ve decided to stop this blog and combine it with my regular photography blog because my two blogs have been so closely parallel that I often would have to stop and decide which website’s blog would get the article/images. One is Florida Nature, and the other is everything else. To speed up my workflow and allow me more time in the field, I’ve decided to discontinue “Notes from the Field” in favor of my regular blog because technology allowed me a simple solution. I can continue posting new blogs to the Florida Nature Photography website from my regular blog – just the posts about Florida nature will be automatically separated out and delivered as they have been for all these years.

 What does this mean for you? It means that if you would like to continue receiving blog updates through your email or RSS feed, you will have to resubscribe.


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UPDATE: It seems this subscription link isn’t working for some browsers. Try this link if you don’t reach the subscribe menu.


A few years ago I chose Feedburner (a third-party company) to handle all my blog subscriptions to protect both you and I from spam (and will happily continue working with them). I cannot simply switch your subscription because I never had access to your email address in the first place, and Feedburner will not do it for me because it is protecting all of our privacy, which I love!
We all have our rules and procedures, and I respect and appreciate their dedication to personal privacy and doing business the right way.



Your re-subscription would mean a lot to me, and as I try to keep in touch with everyone as much as possible through Twitter, Facebook, and now more importantly through Google+ – My readers and followers here keep me in business and out in the wild places to bring my images home to you.

See you over at the Leighton Photography & Imaging blog! All the best of Florida and North American Nature Photography!

Heaps of thanks and good cheer!
Rich Leighton
October 7, 2011


  • Kkoikos

    I did not see comcast where it requested  me to pick a reader, so I just put your web site on my favorites list             kkoikos

  • http://www.leightonphotography.com RichLeighton

    Hi Karen, I changed one of the settings just now – all you do is enter your email address, and Feedburner will take care of the rest. Easy as pie! :-D