Richard Leighton is from Bradenton, Florida, shoots with Nikon professional cameras and spends almost every free moment in the wilds of Florida searching for new and often overlooked subjects to photograph or discover. At ease chest-deep in the swamps of the Everglades or scaling the sinkholes of North and Central Florida – he is a firm advocate in saving what is left of natural Florida and portrays the unique wild beauty of his home state through his photography. He uses a wide array of tools and other software including Photoshop CS4 to create original photographs that have been sold all over the world and have appeared in magazines, newspapers and other places from educational exhibits to retail stores.
Galina Leighton is from Magnitogorsk, Russia and is a digital illustrator, programmer and graphic/web designer. Her innovative creations have been sold far and wide and still get more unique and inventive with each project. She is also the photographer for a good number of the images on this website.
Rich and Galina Leighton are the owners and operators of Leighton Photography & Imaging – based in Tallahassee, Florida. Find out more at